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Choosing The Right Business Hotel – Tips To Consider

Traveling can be stressful, especially as a business traveler. As a business traveler you want ot make sure that your hotel is equipped with all the necessities you need to make your business trip as stress free and productive as possible.

It is important that you choose the best business hotel that will enhance your experience and cater to your specific needs. You need to be aware of some of the amenities that make a hotel a top business hotel, no matter where you are in the world. There are some basic services you should consider when choosing the best hotel for your business experience.

1. Internet connection – Check that high speed Internet connection is available and where in the hotel is it accessible. Is it free or included in your hotel fee? Is Wi-Fi available in your room? Is it only available in public areas?

2. Conference /Meeting Rooms – The best hotels boast several top-notch conference rooms which are available for their clients’ use. Depending on if you will need a meeting your or not, make sure you book your room ahead of schedule. These rooms are usually furnished with tables and chairs and either wired for Ethernet service or have Wi-Fi access.

3. Location – Location is key and the best hotels are usually located close to or in the major business districts. They are strategically located close to transportation centers, restaurants and entertainment complexes. The business hotel of choice would be fairly close to the airport, many times offering free airport shuttle and within a 20-25 minutes commute and still has the ambiance of a five star hotel.

4. Restaurants – The location of your hotel should be near places that are accessible to eat. You may need to take some clients out for a meal, or simply feed yourself! But, either way, make sure it is conveniently located near restaurants or make sure there are several options inside the hotel that you are staying.

5. Excellent Customer Service – Check -in and check-out should be seamless. Staff should be well trained and efficient as this reduces the stress factor associated with long flights and a packed business schedule. Make sure to look at online reviews to see other peoples experiences with this particular hotel.

6. Business Centre – Make sure the business hotel that you choose has a fully equipped business centers that has PCs, printers and fax machines – you never know if you may need it. If you are going to need secretarial help, check with that specific hotel if such service is available from their business center.

7. Fitness Centre – The top business hotel will have a state-of-the-art gym. This facility can be quite useful as it will help the business person to de-stress and stay fit.

In choosing the right business hotel for your best travel experience, do a little research. Have a clear idea of what you want and what your needs are. The best business hotels will have all of these attributes and more.

Romantic New York Hotels

New York has so much to offer, but there are times that all the offerings are not quite as interesting as being alone with the one you love. New York hotels seem to be built for hibernation. A New York hotel can offer everything a person needs in a self contained environment, and are one of the true places you can hide out in plain sight and no one notices.

New York hotels pride themselves on offering luxury and service. Almost all the best hotels in New York offer twenty four hour room service, concierge services, in room massage, in room facials and just about anything else that is needed. Staying in a room in one of the NY hotels really does not require that you leave for anything they bring everything to you. The New York hotels offer luxury beyond imagination. Each hotel tries to outdo the other with opulence and amenities. The sheer luxuries of the hotels promote romance. They are sexy and rich feeling. Each hotel offers modern amenities side by side with old world charm. Many of the top hotels offer marble bathrooms with exquisite fixtures, sitting rooms with big screen HD TV’s, fully stocked wet bars, and the best of linen and bedding. Hiding away with a lover for the weekend is perfect in a New York hotel – leaving is the hard part. Even the antsiest individual will sink into comfort and relax in these sanctuaries in the middle of the city. A weekend of in room couple’s massage, breakfast in bed and champagne toasts is sure to spoil the most discerning traveler.

One of the most affordable ways to secure your romantic night or weekend getaway at a New York hotel is to go for a couple’s package. The couple’s package is very popular among travelers to New York and nearly every hotel in the area offers some type of getaway, usually in a featured honeymoon suite or other luxurious lodging option. The packages usually include a two night stay, a couple of meals and, depending on the location, a spa session or something comparable. Some hotels also offer retreat weekends when couples from all over come to the hotel for seminars, conferences and other special sessions that address marital issues.

No matter what you reason for desiring a romantic getaway at a luxurious New York hotel, be sure to book your hotel in advance in order to take advantage of the many discounts that are offered for early bird guests. Booking in advance has other benefits aside from saving you some cash; by booking early, you will be able to get the type of suite you want and the reserve the date that you want as well.

New York hotels are for lovers and a great way to get to rekindle that old flame or spark a new one.